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2021 Fall
Virtual Exhibitor Sessions

Date and Times:

10 December 2021

9:00 - 9:15 AM (PT) &

10:15 AM (PT) onward


Click "JOIN" and a new window will open with a Zoom meeting session with the company representative hosting. Join as many exhibitor sessions as you desire. Make sure to give the exhibitor host your full name. You will be entered into the raffle drawing for each exhibit session you attend. 

1st Prize: $100 Gift Card

2nd & 3rd Prize: $50 Gift Card​

Marble Surface

Alexion Pharmaceuticals
Exhibit Session

Password: 788901​

Host: Chris Melton



Exhibit Session

Password: 442709​

Host: Dean Hinman


Novo Nordisk (Obesity)
Exhibit Session

Password: 861217

Host: Keri Davidson


Recordati Rare Diseases
Exhibit Session

Password: 242665

Hosts: Susan Geraghty, Eric Handcock


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