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Speaker Portal

This is your Endo Days Fall 2022 Speaker Portal. Here you will find and complete all the activity and CME/MOC paperwork/requirements. 

Thank you for participating in our Endo Days program. Jonathan Halldorson is the administrator for Endo Days and will be your go-to (in addition to Board President Dr. Alan Failor). Let me you if you have any questions or support needs throughout the process. 

If you have any questions please email Jonathan at our Administrator email address. Alternatively, if you would like to schedule a virtual meeting, my office hours are on Tuesdays and you may schedule a session via the calendar at the bottom of this page.

Citrus Fruits


Complete the Speaker Intake Questionnaire (~5 min)

When: ASAP

General information gathering.


Submit your Disclosure Form

When: Due 10/13/22

Download and complete your CME Speaker Disclosure Form. This may be done electronically or physically and then scanned into a PDF. Then you will upload the form below.

*Abe & Brad: you have already completed this step.


Submit Draft Slides

When: Due 10/18/22

Email your draft presentation(s) slides for CME review and approval. They are rough draft submissions, please submit your draft in any state. Note: They do not need to be finalized, and may be updated after your submission. This is required and time sensitive. Our accreditors will not approve your presentation for CME if submitted tardy. 


Upload MOC Quiz Question(s) & Rationale

When: Due 10/18/22

Email your MOC quiz question(s) with rationale feedback for incorrect answers. Example quiz questions provided for your reference. Jonathan will combine and provide the MOC quiz to attendees after the conference.


Upload Handouts (Optional)

When: Due 11/1/22

Upload your optional final presentation handouts in PDF format with 2x3 slides per page for 8.5 x 11" printouts. We would like to provide these to attendees for note taking and their records. Late submissions are not guaranteed to be printed for attendees in time. 


Upload Final Presentation

When: Due 11/1/22 EOD

Upload your final presentation file to our DropBox or Google Drive to pull up during the conference.

You may bring your presentation on your own USB Flash Drive as a backup.


Register for Conference

When: Due 11/3/22

If you would like to receive CME/ MOC, and be listed as an attendee, register for the event. You will select the "Physicians (MD/DO) $200" and at checkout you will apply the following coupon to waive the fee 100%: