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Happy Thanksgiving & Honoring World Diabetes Day

Happy Thanksgiving from the Endo Days board to our community of lifelong learners, exhibitors, speakers, volunteers, and vendors. "It takes a village" to make things come together and I am grateful for all of the individuals and communities that come together to provide excellent education to our Endocrine community We're proud of the conferences we have consistently facilitated and will continue to provide for years to come. May your holiday meals be scrumptious and joy filled.

I also want to take this opportunity to mention and honor World Diabetes Day 2023, which was on November 14th. While reflecting with family, friends (anyone else do annual Friendsgiving too?!), or by myself, I will be spending extra time this year thinking about my role in the Diabetes community. Find out more below if interested.

After this holiday week, we're having our next Board Meeting to review Fall 2023 conference as well as start planning for Fall 2024, so we'll have a date for you to save on your calendar soon. We look forward to seeing you at our future conferences.

To you and yours. Cheers, Jonathan


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